Evangelism in Action

The Master’s Touch Outreach Ministry, Reid Temple A.M.E. Church

The Master’s Touch Outreach Ministry went out to serve the homeless and disenfranchised on two days of below freezing temperature in January 2014.  At one of the locations we visited, the people actually stay outdoors and slept on the ground at night.  They were extremely glad to see us as we brought them a hot meal and hot chocolate.  Although the temperature was below freezing, we warmed our hearts with songs of praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Five souls were led in a prayer of salvation during this Evangelism in Action moment and a multitude of hearts rejoiced as the love of God went forth. The day following the ministry`s visit to the men`s shelter in Silver Spring, two of the shelter`s residents caught public transportation to attend service at our Silver Spring, MD location.  If you love them, they will come.


The Morning Star Community Christian Center (MSCCC) , Therman E. Evans, MD, Phd, Sr. Pastor

The Men of Morning Star Community Christian Center Church, Linden, NJ

Men’s Ministry is comprised of a brotherhood of faithful husbands, grandfathers, fathers, sons and brothers seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to the nurturing and protection of family, church and community.

Recent and past acts of kindness:
Feeding the homeless, sheltering the homeless, volunteering for “Shut-in” at local high school, community march in support of safe community and schools, cooked and served dinner for Women of MSCCC, weekly community walks, voter registration outreach, chaperone at high school football games, sent cards to incarcerated brothers and our annual Mother’s Day hospitality greeting at MSCCC.  We also founded The Joseph Project, a mentoring program for pre-teen boys whose mission is to move boys to men using Jesus Christ as our model.
Purpose: To provide; to protect, to mentor; to encourage; to serve, in the building of God’s kingdom and in the lives of our families and community.