Faith is a Spiritual Treasure

This is our second lesson in a series of faith teachings designed to encourage the body of Christ to step out in faith to evangelize.  The umbrella title of the entire series is called:  “Faith is the Key.”  As I mentioned in the first lesson, a key is an instrument that provides access to something that those without it cannot access.  Faith is the key that gives us access to the grace of God.   Faith is so valuable that brother Peter said in 1 Peter 1:7 that faith is more precious than gold.  Hence, the focus of this lesson:  Faith is a Spiritual Treasure.

 When it comes to faith, we often see faith as the vessel or vehicle to obtain the worldly treasures we desire. What I want to get us to focus on is that the most valuable treasure we have is our faith!  The things we ask for with our faith are merely the things that come by faith.  We can never place a higher value on the things that come by faith than the value of faith itself.

If there is a delay in the manifestation of our prayer requests, Satan tells us to give up on our faith because God did not give us that treasure we were hoping for.  He says you need to abandon your faith so you won’t be disappointed when the negative thoughts and imaginations of your mind starts happening to you.  What he is trying to do is to relieve us of our most valued possession, which is our faith.

Hebrews 11:1 says, faith is the substance of things hoped for.  Webster’s dictionary defines substance as the material of which anything is made.  However, Webster also defines substance as material possessions and wealth.  Certain passages of the bible also depict substance as wealth.  Luke 15:13 says the prodigal son wasted his substance with riotous living (KJV).  The description of substance as wealth or something of value falls in line with faith being a spiritual treasure.

As a spiritual treasure, faith is the spiritual medium of exchange that allows the believer to transact business in the Kingdom of God.  Without faith, there is no salvation.  Without faith there is no deliverance.  Without faith, prayers are not answered.  Faith is the substance we come to the throne of grace with to lay hold of the things we are hoping for.  In the natural, we acquire things with worldly treasure (e.g, money) that we use as a medium of exchange to acquire the things we desire.  In the Spirit, money won’t work.  If you want to acquire the things of God, you must come with the treasure of faith.

The bible says the woman with the issue of blood spent all of her natural substance going from doctor to doctor to get healed and did not get better.  In fact, she grew worse.  However, when she heard that Jesus was in town, she put aside her natural substance and decided to make a transaction in the Kingdom of God using the substance (or treasure) of faith.  She said if I can just touch Him, I know I can be made whole.  When she touched Him, Jesus turned and said, who touched Me?  The disciples said, Master there are a whole bunch of people touching You.  Jesus said you don’t understand.  Someone touched Me with the touch of faith.  Someone just transacted business in the Kingdom of God.  When the woman explained that the touch of faith came from her, Jesus said your faith has made you well.  Go in peace and be healed of your affliction.  The woman discovered that faith is the greatest treasure available to man.

Like any thief, Satan wants to steal this treasure from you.  It may appear as if he wants your natural treasures.  What he really wants is to steal your spiritual treasure – your faith.  The most common tactic he uses to steal our faith is to bring adverse circumstances our way. When the adverse circumstances become worse, he says throw away your faith as it is no good.  It will not help you in these circumstances.  He stole Peter’s faith.  Peter had faith to walk on water but when the circumstances changed and brought about a storm, Peter’s faith was nowhere to be found.

No matter what happens to you in the natural, don’t let him take your faith.  It is the one treasure that can’t be taken without our permission.  Without our permission, someone can take our money, car, house, health, and job.  But without our permission, they can’t take our faith.  Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy and where thieves cannot break in and steal.  Lay up the treasure of faith.  It is the spiritual treasure given to you by God to gain access to Him in your time of need.  The book of Hebrews tells us that men and women of God gave up their very lives instead of giving up their faith.  In Philippians, Paul said I gave up some things that were gained to me but coming to the end of his life, Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have kept the faith.”  My brothers and sisters, faith is a spiritual treasure that if kept, will result in praise, glory, and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.  It’s yours, don’t give it up – ever!

Bro. Robert Myers

“Be a witness and witness God move!”

The Just Shall Live By Faith

This is the first lesson in an eight part series of faith teachings designed to encourage the body of Christ to step out in faith to evangelize. The umbrella title of the entire series is called: “Faith is the Key.”   A key is an instrument that providesthe holder with access to something that those without it would not have.  We use keys to obtain access to our homes, cars, post office boxes, and other personal possessions.  Romans 5:2 says that faith gives us access to the grace of God.  Since faith gives us access to the grace of God, then faith is the key that gives us access to the abundance of God.  Speaking of keys, after Peter confessed his faith in Jesus as being the son of God, Jesus told Peter that he will give him the keys of the Kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 16:17)

Understanding that faith is the key that gives us access to the grace of God, Paul told the saints in Romans 1:17 that the “Just shall live by faith.”  In other words, if we want to have access to the abundance of God to give us what we need to overcome the world, we have to live by faith.

Our faith defines us.  It is our identity.  It is what makes us tick.  It dictates our actions and our behavior.  It is the reason we do what we do.  It is the reason we go to church, participate in ministry, and turn away from the things of the world.  Our faith dictates how we are going to respond or react to certain situations we will face in the earth and our level of success over those situations.  In fact, 1 John 5:4 lets us know that faith gives us victory over the world.

In our discussions on faith over the next seven weeks, we will describe faith as a seed that grows, a protective shield, a quantity of measure, a muscle that must be exercised, evidence of your belief, and as spiritual treasure.  As we seek to evangelize to the lost, these various attributes of our faith will be demonstrated in our actions.

Some observations as to why faith is important:

  • Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Those that come to Him must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)
  • Faith gets the Lord’s attention.  When the paralyzed man is being lowered down to Jesus from the roof, Matthew 9:2 doesn’t say that Jesus saw the men breaking a whole in the roof.  It doesn’t even say that Jesus saw the paralyzed man.  It says that Jesus saw their faith.  It was their faith that got Jesus’ attention, not the commotion they were making.
  • Faith appears, at times, to redirect God’s actions.  When the Centurion soldier, in Matthew 8, asked Jesus to heal his servant, Jesus said, “I will come to your house and heal him.”  The man said, I am not worthy for you to come to my house but I do understand that your authority to heal my servant doesn’t require you to have to come to my house.  All you have to do is send your word.  Jesus said, “I haven’t seen faith like this in all of Israel.”  Jesus was going to go to the man’s house to heal the servant but the man’s faith let Jesus know he didn’t have to come.  The bible says the servant was healed in the same hour. On the other hand, little faith limits God’s action.  In fact, Hebrews 4:2 says the word of God that is not mixed with faith will not profit us.

As we ponder over whether to evangelize to our family members, our neighbors, and our co-workers, let our actions be dictated by our faith and not our fears – for the Just shall live by Faith!

Please feel free to post a comment or a testimony about your witnessing experience this week.

Bro. Robert Myers

Be a witness and witness God move!

My First Christian Blog

My name is Robert Myers and this is my very first Christian blog.  I am a servant leader of an outreach ministry called the Master’s Touch Outreach Ministry, which serves approximately 4,000 meals per year to the homeless and disenfranchised in Washington DC and surrounding areas.  It is my heart’s desire to be a catalyst, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, for expanded evangelism in the body of Christ.  To this end, I have authored a book entitled Spirit Driven Evangelism, which is a composite of teachings I provided to members over a twelve year span as we prepared to go into the streets to witness to the lost.  In addition to authoring my book, I plan to play a part in stoking the burning fire of evangelism that resides in the members of the body of Christ by submitting weekly blogs on evangelism with the hope that you will join me in these discussions and on promoting evangelism in the church.  A crowd of folk interested in evangelism will create a bigger crowd of folk interested in evangelism.   A bigger crowd of folk interested in evangelism will bring in more lost souls to the Kingdom of God.

One of the techniques I use to inspire members to stay committed to evangelism is to prepare an annual report highlighting the move of God in response to our witnessing throughout the year.  Throughout the year, I take notes of the move of God and incorporate them in a report that is written with an imagination of God revealing to us these events before they happened.  The point of writing it this way is to let the members know that  just as God as moved in the past year, he is waiting for us to witness to that lost man or woman in the upcoming year so he can move in their lives as well.   The following is a shortened excerpt of our 2013 yearend report (for the full version, go to …..)

Master’s Touch Outreach Ministry 2013 Yearend Report

God continually calls on his people to remember where he has brought them so they will have confidence in where he is taking them.  The following is a look back at the accomplishments of 2013 with an imagination of what God may have said to the Master’s Touch Outreach Ministry had he told us these things before they happened.

“Continue to go as I have commanded you and I will take you in the wilderness where the people live and you will show them the way out.  Those who choose me, shall choose life.  Participate in my work and    one who you ministered to long ago, will return to testify that you led him to choose me and now he is seven years drug free.  Share the gospel and one who you minister to at the men’s shelter shall visit your church so he could be fed the bread of life –that is my word.  Another shall testify how your ministry has blessed him by ministering to him when he was hanging out on the streets.  He will tell you that he is now on the right track, and is now married.  Another shall say that his mother has mentioned how he has changed since you have been ministering to him.  He will tell you that he used to use drugs when you began coming to New York avenue to minister to the people and now, he has been drug free for twenty two months.  I tell you if they choose me, they will be choosing life.

Do not be afraid to go to the places I send you, for I have placed a hedge of protection around you so that you may move freely inside and outside the area where darkness resides.  Don’t be afraid even after hearing news reports of thirteen people being shot in the neighborhood days before I send you there.  Your presence in that neighborhood will be a reminder that I have not left them nor forsaken them.

Stay in the spirit when you face challenges on the streets and your efforts will not be in vain. Stay in the spirit when your plans for ministering at your normal witnessing location do not go according to your plan.  Stay in the Spirit all at once, and I will show you how I will bless your efforts all at once.  You see, what you see as a setback is really a setup to get the 16 youths who accompanied you to do more than they had originally planned.  Out of the mouths of these babes in Christ, your praise shall be perfected.    Overcome the challenges on that day and the hungry shall still be fed.  The poor shall still have the gospel preached to them and souls shall enter into my Kingdom on that very same day.

Go to the places I send you and I will bless your eyes to see marvelous things.  You shall see the poor helping the poor.  You shall see complete strangers stopping to help you in praising my name.  You will see one who used to come to you in a wheel chair come to you with the aid of a walker.  Another who uses a walker shall put aside that walker and praise me as he is walks under the power of his own legs.  Your praises shall lift up another who uses a wheel chair.  He shall get out of that wheel chair and walk on his prosthetic leg while giving me the glory.  Your eyes shall see one who started to leave when you began to preach my word.  After hearing my word and seeing your love, his eyes shall be opened and he will tell you that he believes that you are from me.

Teach the people that I am the GOD that provides and they will seek after me and I will answer their prayers.  One at Franklyn Square will tell you he got the job you prayed he would get.  Pray for another and he shall get the CDL license needed for the job he seeks.  Pray the prayer of faith with another at Carroll House and the prayer of faith shall bring forth a job for the one whose heart sought my face.  Another shall ask you to pray that he receives approval for social security benefits.  Your prayer shall reach my ears and he shall be quickly approved and his remaining days at the shelter shall be numbered.

Go out my fellow workers and do these things for me and the year ahead shall be exceedingly fruitful.  Four new members shall join this ministry.  Over 4,000 meals shall be served by your hands, over 1300  prayers shall be rendered by your lips; and over 100 souls shall be led to salvation by your obedient heart.

I tell you these things before it happens so that when it happens you will know that I am working with you.  Now it is up to you my fellow co-laborers.  Go to the places I send you.  Minister to the ones I tell you.  Participate in my work and I will be with you, demonstrating my presence with signs and wonders.”

I share this report with you with the hope that this time next year, you and I can rejoice over the move of God that shall surely respond to our efforts to generate expanded interest in evangelism  in the upcoming year.

Brother Robert Myers

“Be a witness and witness God move”