The Just Shall Live By Faith

This is the first lesson in an eight part series of faith teachings designed to encourage the body of Christ to step out in faith to evangelize. The umbrella title of the entire series is called: “Faith is the Key.”   A key is an instrument that providesthe holder with access to something that those without it would not have.  We use keys to obtain access to our homes, cars, post office boxes, and other personal possessions.  Romans 5:2 says that faith gives us access to the grace of God.  Since faith gives us access to the grace of God, then faith is the key that gives us access to the abundance of God.  Speaking of keys, after Peter confessed his faith in Jesus as being the son of God, Jesus told Peter that he will give him the keys of the Kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 16:17)

Understanding that faith is the key that gives us access to the grace of God, Paul told the saints in Romans 1:17 that the “Just shall live by faith.”  In other words, if we want to have access to the abundance of God to give us what we need to overcome the world, we have to live by faith.

Our faith defines us.  It is our identity.  It is what makes us tick.  It dictates our actions and our behavior.  It is the reason we do what we do.  It is the reason we go to church, participate in ministry, and turn away from the things of the world.  Our faith dictates how we are going to respond or react to certain situations we will face in the earth and our level of success over those situations.  In fact, 1 John 5:4 lets us know that faith gives us victory over the world.

In our discussions on faith over the next seven weeks, we will describe faith as a seed that grows, a protective shield, a quantity of measure, a muscle that must be exercised, evidence of your belief, and as spiritual treasure.  As we seek to evangelize to the lost, these various attributes of our faith will be demonstrated in our actions.

Some observations as to why faith is important:

  • Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Those that come to Him must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)
  • Faith gets the Lord’s attention.  When the paralyzed man is being lowered down to Jesus from the roof, Matthew 9:2 doesn’t say that Jesus saw the men breaking a whole in the roof.  It doesn’t even say that Jesus saw the paralyzed man.  It says that Jesus saw their faith.  It was their faith that got Jesus’ attention, not the commotion they were making.
  • Faith appears, at times, to redirect God’s actions.  When the Centurion soldier, in Matthew 8, asked Jesus to heal his servant, Jesus said, “I will come to your house and heal him.”  The man said, I am not worthy for you to come to my house but I do understand that your authority to heal my servant doesn’t require you to have to come to my house.  All you have to do is send your word.  Jesus said, “I haven’t seen faith like this in all of Israel.”  Jesus was going to go to the man’s house to heal the servant but the man’s faith let Jesus know he didn’t have to come.  The bible says the servant was healed in the same hour. On the other hand, little faith limits God’s action.  In fact, Hebrews 4:2 says the word of God that is not mixed with faith will not profit us.

As we ponder over whether to evangelize to our family members, our neighbors, and our co-workers, let our actions be dictated by our faith and not our fears – for the Just shall live by Faith!

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Bro. Robert Myers

Be a witness and witness God move!

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